OUR WORK - 2022

Teaching/Educating  2022

Educating – Our mission is to educate individuals, families and communities how to advocate for themselves in order to change lives. This year we have spoken at numerous venues on topics ranging from “Asset Mapping” to “Understanding Credit”. We spoke to Columbia Univ students on “Photovoice as a Research Method ” and reported to the City of Hartford on our “Tobacco Density” research. We are at MLK each week teaching young people an advocacy process as they begin their 2022/23 project work. We continue to always speak with our community on “How Your Vote Counts”.

Collaborations  2022

We love working with our partners.  Young Legends, Upper Albany Neighborhood Collaborators, Blue Hills Civic Assoc., KNOX, Friends of Keney Park, United Way, etc. 

Summer 2022 – Saturday Sanctuary

Pop up event 5 weeks on Barbour St in Hartford for Children and their families. This event came about from a pop up in 2020 when families said they would like Saturday events for children focusing on unstructured activities like arts and crafts, games or storytelling. Each week we had a puppet show and arts & crafts and games for the kids. It also allowed the parents to relax and just sit around and talk without having to worry about what the kids were doing.

Summer 2022 – Keney Park Health & Wellness Event 6/25

This is our second year hosting the health & wellness event at Keney Park to showcase the park and all the park offers. The event also provides the community the opportunity to meet the resource/service providers available to them in North Hartford. Thank you to our sponsors: City of Families, Children, Youth & Recreation, City of Hartford Health and Human Services, Trinity Health of New England/St Francis. Dept of Motor Vehicles held a pop-up and assisted with license renewal and id card issuance and answered questions.