ABOUT US: Our History

Advocacy and Legacy, LLC was formed in 1991 by Violette Haldane to educate her family and community in how to advocate for themselves to be a driving force for change in their lives.  Advocacy and Legacy focused on education, health, financial literacy, and home ownership.  The work was done through workshops at community organizations, Churches and schools.

Sharing information with the community became a larger part of the work over time.  As a result, in December 2017, Advocacy and Legacy, LLC became Advocacy to Legacy, Inc. – a 501c3 nonprofit organization.  To date, the organization has worked with hundreds of members of the Greater Hartford community, but the mission remains the same – educating individuals, families, and communities to advocate for themselves for positive change and to leave a legacy.

Today, Advocacy to Legacy, Inc. works with youth preparing them to become future leaders of their communities.  Each year students choose a project to work on and Advocacy to Legacy, Inc. supports them through the process with advocacy training, research guidance, project planning, media relations/campaign implementation and presentation/public speaking preparation.

We engage the community in conversations, surveys or interviews to get residents’ voices represented or heard in local policies and plans (public and private).